Pet Resources on the Internet.

Pet Adoption in Singapore

Do visit these wonderful sites if you would like more adoption choices. Many of them run their own animal shelter! And tell us if you know of other animal shelters!

SPCA Singapore : Sure we support them. Read all about their activities, make a plegde or catch a good tip on pet care. Pretty informative stuff for all.

Pets Adoption Website (PAW) : An animal shelter that rescues homeless animals off the street and nurses them back to health. Nicely designed flash intro.

Canine Love : Dog rescue and rehoming centre. Contains many inspiring stories on rescued animals.

Pick-A-Pet : A non-profit service that aims to find good homes for homeless and abandoned animals.

Metta Cattery : A shelter for rescued street cats. Another heartwarming read.

Cat Welfare Society : A society that also shelters and rehomes cats. Has an adoption bulletin and lots of cute cat photos.

Agri-food and Veterinary Authority : This is the authority in Singapore with regards to animal welfare and control. They do not have any adoption resources, but it is important that you know what laws and regulations are in place before getting a pet.

Other Interesting Links

These are some of the links that we found particularly useful. We are still seaching for good links, so if you've got any recommendations, please email them to us at You can be sure that we'll put them here if we enjoy them too.

Noah's Ark Natural Animal Sanctuary : More sponsorship and volunteering opportunities abound at this sanctuary located just across the causeway.

Helping Hands Animal Foster Care : This is a private animal shelter cum fostering center that's situated in Massachusetts. If you live there, why not check them out?

Petfinder : This website pertains to adoption in America. For those of us not living in the States, the photos (nothing professional though) of dogs and cats are enough to make true animal lovers go limp with delight.

Puppysites : A very comprehensive directory on dog-related websites. Also has pages on breed information and veterinary services. For cat lovers, there's always the sister site at Kittysites. : A site that contains travel products and information regarding pet travel. Quite interesting to see what they've designed for animals nowadays.



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