is a neighbourhood specially created for all Pets and Pet Lovers. So do make yourself at home in this friendly environment, and be prepared for an extraordinary journey to PetsNook paradise where all animals occupy a very special place in our hearts!

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How to use this neigbourhood?

Are you ready to take home a life-long friend? Or have you no other choice but to give your pet up? Your best friend's waiting for you in Adopt me!

A warm and cozy get-together for all animal lovers out there. You can tell us everything about your pet, how they drive you crazy, the naughty things they do, how much you love them, basically anything about pets and pet-ownership. We'd really love to hear from you.

Want to adopt a pet but not really sure what to do after that? Come on down and get the answers to all your frequently asked questions!

A resting place for your dearly departed pet. Remember, and love always.


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