is a neighbourhood specially created for all animals and animal lovers.

Based in Singapore, we are a couple of passionate individuals hoping to do something for all the animals and animal lovers out there in the world. We know that sometimes it can get very lonely in our individual fights. Therefore, it is our sincere wish to bring together like-minded people like you and me and make this world a better and friendlier place for all the animals in it. We believe that no action is too small, which is why we set up PetsNook. Through this website, we hope that we'll be able to contribute to the advancement of animal-welfare and animal-awareness today. Thank you very much for your support. We love you too.

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Your feedback is very precious to us. If there is any way that we can improve, or if you've got suggestions for us, please feel free to email us. We can be reached at Please be assured that we take your feedback very seriously. Thank you, and do keep the feedback coming!


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